Thursday, June 08, 2006

AG Questions Falk's Dem Credentials

Peg Lautenschlager's re-election campaign issued a scathing release this afternoon, accusing primary opponent Kathleen Falk of having "soft" Dem credentials. The release says Falk delayed joining the party until she was 45 years old, and had been mentioned by the Green Bay Press-Gazette as a potential Republican candidate for governor in 2002, alongside Lt. Gov. Scott McCallum.

See the release:

Falk campaign spokesman Adam Collins had this response:

"To question the Democratic values of Kathleen Falk is to question the Democratic values of those who have endorsed her. Call Jim Kreuser the Assembly Democratic leader, call John Richards the assistant Democratic leader, call (State Rep.) Jennifer Shilling, call AFSCME, call SEIU, call the hundreds of Democrats across the state who have endorsed Kathleen…and believe she is the best candidate."

A release from the Falk campaign later said the attack "shows how desperate Lautenschlager is."

See the release: