Saturday, June 11, 2005

Mercury Rising in Chairs Race

During a pre-convention interview with WisPolitics, DPW Chair Linda Honold, (currently vying for 2nd Chair on a ticket with Joe Wineke) said that if opponent Jeff Rammelt were to win the chair's race, it could result in party staff cuts.

Honold's reasoning: Rammelt has indicated he plans to take the $45k - $50k salary offered to party chairs. Wineke said he will follow in Honold's footsteps, opting not to take the salary, instead pumping it into party staff building.

In terms of his chances, Rammelt foresees a close race - with each candidate winning half of the districts. "With what I have been hearing...I expect it to be a squeaker," he said today.

Wineke said he was fairly confident his planning and organization would carry him to victory. He also pointed out the discrepancy in campaign signs at the convention -- dozens of Wineke-Honold were taped to walls at the hall, compared to only a couple plugging Rammelt's campaign -- saying if signs were votes "it'd be a landslide."

The vote in the chair's race is scheduled to be completed at 2 p.m.