Friday, June 10, 2005

Feingold Rallies Dems, Hypes Bayh as Presidential Candidate

U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, the axe-wielding, straight-talking champion of the state Democratic party, tonight qave a speech that could be interpreted as a declaration of his intentions, or the endorsement of another Dem senator. Though Feingold has been rumored as an '08 presidential candidate, the U.S. senator also seemed to set up Sen. Evan Bayh as a contender party members could throw their support behind.

"Bill Clinton once spoke to this convention", said Feingold, "Who knows, maybe one of the speakers tonight will be the next Democratic president of the United States?" Feingold went on to call Bayh a symbol of the Democrats' new 50-state strategy, a man of unusual eloquence and a true gentleman. Both Feingold and Bayh appeared on the WisPolitics Straw Poll ballot, which asked attendees about their preferred candidate for 2008. Check back tomorrow for results.

Feingold touched on current issues facing the nation's Dems, including the filibuster on judicial nominees. Feingold criticized the compromise reached by seven Dems and seven Republicans.

"When they threatened to take away our filibuster it was like someone putting a gun to our head and saying 'give me $1,000.'"

"And what did we do with this deal?" he asked, "We said - take $800."

Feingold asked gruffly, "What would fighting Bob (LaFollette) have done?"

Feingold went on to promote the agenda supported by his Progressive Patriots Fund PAC agenda, directing supporters to his website which includes a petition on CAFTA. Feingold called CAFTA basically NAFTA on steroids. Supporters hoisted signs promoting the Progressive Patriots Fund, which read "Stop CAFTA" on the reverse.

See a post below for more on the PAC's new CAFTA push.