Saturday, June 11, 2005

Doyle Speaks Up on Possible Dem AG Primary

As chitter-chatter on a possible Dem AG race resonates through the convo halls, Gov Jim Doyle talked to reporters on the hot issue, saying that generally primaries can be a very good thing. Doyle indicated that they can be useful for motivating campaigners - saying that primaries help "gear up enthusiasum, they get people going and they get people focused early."

"If somebody decides to run, this is America, and that is their right," he added.

Doyle dispelled rumors that he was encouraging Dane Co. Exec. Kathleen Falk from entering the race, saying "she will look at it very closely and will make her own decision." He praised Falk for the many years they served together, including her years working as assistant attorney general.

Doyle concluded that he wants to have an AG who has a good balanced approach to law enforcement and that the most important thing is that the position is held by a Democrat.