Saturday, June 11, 2005

Day One of Active 8th CD Exploration for Nusbaum

Nancy Nusbaum, the former Brown County exec who left the Department of Justice this week, explained to WisPolitics that legal ramifications, including a possible infringement on the Hatch Act, have kept her candidacy intentions on the down low. "Yesterday was my last day of work at the Department of Justice...the first opportunity I have had to explore an active candidacy," said Nusbaum.

"I'd characterize myself in the exploring phase -- there is no question about that. I mean it is pretty serious stuff when you leave your job," she added. Nusbaum said the next step would be formation of an exploratory committee.

Despite her public caution, she is all but declared as a candidate for the 8th Congressional District, according to campaign-watchers at the convention.

Several observers said they thought she would wait until after the June 30 fundraising deadline to announce, which would give her three months to catch up on fundraising before the next quarterly deadline.

Declared 8th CD candidate Jamie Wall refused to speculate on her entry into the race, but said he had known her for a long time and expected a friendly race. U.S. Rep. Dave Obey called Wall one of the state's rising stars during his speech Friday night.

When asked about recent GOP 8th CD race dropouts, Nusbaum was not aware of the news, saying she didn't follow the Republican side.

Appleton Rep. Steve Wieckert and former GB Mayor Paul Jadin have both recently announced that they are no longer exploring bids.