Friday, June 10, 2005

Bayh Introduces His Pragmatic Philosophy to Wisconsin

In his speech, Bayh created connections between Wisconsin and Indiana, saying that both states share values, dreams and concerns -- Bayh indicated that Wisconsin and Indiana both hold a strong farming and manufacturing base.

"Washington doesn't share those," he added.

Bayh said that some days when he wakes up and goes to work he wonders if he is not an ambassador to a foreign country.

He expressed disdain for the Bush policies on Social Security, Iraq and Mideast oil dependence. "We need a new Declaration of Independence and it needs to be a declaration of energy independence," Bayh said.

Bayh also expressed his concern for health care and education funding, the two major cogs of his campaign platform.

A little more biographical info about the senator:

On his wife Susan: Bayh says his Dad always told him "Son, you've continued a fine family tradition. You've out-married yourself."

On fatherhood: During the time Bayh was at the hospital as his wife was giving birth to twin boys, the media reported live on the frequency of his wife's contractions. "How the hell did they know that?" Bayh asked.

On youth: A young Bayh once received a presidential escort to the bathroom as a young child after standing up during a small family meeting with President Harry Truman (who was by then out of office) when he exclaimed "I gotta' go to the bathroom." Truman said he had to go as well and escorted the 6-year-old to the bathroom.