Friday, May 20, 2005

Next Dem E.D. Up in the Air

In addition to the chair's race, Dems likely will have a new executive director soon. reported in February that the current exec, Kim Warkentin, would be leaving.

When asked who would be chosen to fill her shoes, Rammelt quickly replied, "I would keep the current one.''

Wineke said that he's always been superstitious about considering hiring decisions before winning an election. "It is the least of my worries today," said Wineke, who has built a campaign team and spent money to win the chair's election. "I humbly hope to win."

Rammelt was also optimistic, noting that he has been in communication with more than 1,100 Democrats throughout the state through e-mail, phone conversation meeting in person and through speeches. "I'd say I've made about 40 to 50 speeches," said Rammelt.